Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ontario, Cda. Alcohol, Driving Charges Against Club

First time charges ever laid against owners and servers of alcohol to 3 men (31 drinks in a 3 hr period of time) in the Muskoka's who crash drowned after drinking during a lunch at the Lake Joseph restaurant, .
This upscale Muskoka golf resort, The directors, two bartenders and a manager of an upscale Muskoka-area golf resort where three young men spent their final hours drinking, socializing and having lunch before a fatal car crash last summer, face 34 liquor licence-related charges.
It was a horrific incident.
Ontario Provincial Police, under the Liquor Licence Act, charged three employees of the Lake Joseph Club as well as 13 senior executives of ClubLink, including the president and CEO, Kuldip Sahi. ClubLink Corporation, which owns Lake Joseph Club, has also been charged.
The charge, serving liquor to people already intoxicated.
This hot spot is a very popular ritzy club that has a big laid-back atmosphere amongst the cottage area. Membership fee is around $62,000, with annual fees of $4,500. Most employee's live up in the area for the summer months and employees are university students.
Employee's charged could face up to $100,000 or a year in jail, or both. The golf company, Clublink might be facing up to $250,000.
"You could be charged with criminal negligence causing death if you fill up somebody's drink, knowing that they're going to get into a car and leave,"
The Lake Joseph Club closed for the season in the fall. ClubLink spokesperson Scott Davidson said, "Counsel has advised that we make no comment at this juncture."
The Waters Edge restaurant at the club in Port Carling, if charges could face losing their license for a period of 2 years. This also applies to ClubLink.
The group of guys and one girl jumped into an Audi and left, the crash occurred very close to the club after 6pm and ended in the Lake Joe River, a very very sad ending in beautiful cottage country noted for the rich and famous hockey stars, hollywood types such as Goldie Hawn, etc.,

3 men in Muskoka crash drowned, autopsy shows
Ontario Provincial Police have determined that alcohol and speedwere "definite factors" in a crash that killed three young menin Muskoka, Ont., last week.

Ontario police charge club, employees in Muskoka traffic deaths
Ontario Provincial Police have taken the highly unusual step oflaying charges against a Muskoka resort and 16 of its employeesin connection with three traffic fatalities.

2 executives charged in fatal Muskoka crash had already leftcompany
CBC News has learned two of the people charged by the OPP onMonday in connection with the deaths of three young men inMuskoka last summer didn't work for the company involved when the accident happened.

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