Thursday, February 12, 2009

Poor Phelps, Caught being Naughty Again??

Its strange how you sometimes judge someone quickly then get the facts and your whole thought process changes. I felt sorry for Phelps, well actually was more embarrassed for him figuring ok he's young he got caught smoking marijuana and should have known better especially since he is representing many companies. Pot regardless how you view it is still an illegal substance though I might have to agree it probably carries the same weight as alcohol, maybe less depending. Also, if you wanted to smoke a joint or some pot why would you do it in a public place where access to cameras on cells is everywhere these days??

BUT then I find out this guy has been charged previously with a DUI, driving under the influence and Kellogs still kept him on. I think he deserves what he gets and I wouldn't want him representing a huge company like this either. He had great sponsors and now his name is totally tarnished, regardless if the potsmokers aren't planning on buying anymore cereal. Phelps, just doesn't get it ... my whole opinion has changes of this guy ... he might be a great athlete but he is certainly a few bricks short of a load upstairs when it comes to his public behaviour, plus frosted flakes aren't good for you except if you get the munchies :-)

Note from editor: unlike alcohol, marijuana stays in the bloodstream for six months: it can cause long term side effects, and is highly addictive. Smoking this is a mortal sin, and often leads to drugs even worse than this utter monster: which also supports crime families: in addition to risking your life. I did a survey some time ago: those who have done drugs twice or more, generally had continued the habit: only those who had not, or who immediately had a negative reaction did not do so, of those surveyed.

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