Saturday, August 13, 2011

Grinding, a obscene American Dance, is finally meeting backlash among girls, a decade after the immoral dance was popularised

(SW2SNews: See What We See News)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Sex on the dance floor; Lap Dance without the Fee? (Just excuse that she's American?)- finally some Americans are deciding they don't want to Grind with TOTAL STRANGERS, in PUBLIC anymore - Reports the New York Times

In middle schools, grinding is causing a stir — among teachers and the female dance partners.


BIKE uses brainwaves to change gears : Toyota makes it so beware

(SW2SNews: See What We See News)

Article by Marc Aupiais

BIKE uses brainwaves to change gears : Toyota makes it so beware

When Toyota mats in cars made them go in uncontrolled acceleration, Toyota clearly got an idea, use a technique used by psychologists (I helped install one) called bio-feedback to control bikes and make them shift gears by brainwaves: you know: alpha, Beta , etc!

Did I mention Beta as in Test:

Not for the market,

Perhaps because of that uncontrolled acceleration issue?

See their promoting Toyota uncontrolled I mean mindwave accelleration as a good thing video on that wave at IT peoples site!

The electronic neuro-transmission on this carbon-fiber bicycle lets its rider control gear shifts with brainwaves.


Taken from Plus Account of Marc Aupiais

The Disasters: Rioting, economic fails in Britain: will spread throughout Western World- Governments', KPMG Studies Suggest

(SW2SNews: See What We See News)

Article by Marc Aupiais

With the collapse of the British Family, and thus the rise of gangs; the laws protecting Youth, and thus the encouraged misdeeds, there are many causes for the British Chaos, but none more terrifying than the demographic Cause predicted to the EU Parliament to cause disaster in 2009

It is normal in a society, with a decreasing birthrate, to have xenophobia, as is seen in Europe, it is a psychological response. In a welfare state which claims it cares, but begins to drop that care, it is normal, as with Jewish prisoners in Concentration Camps, surviving: to feel entitled to what is not the belongings of the now or then disadvantaged. What is also normal, is economic collapse when birthrates reverse, and riots and protests as social welfare is no longer affordable as  population aging population dynamics interlace. 

With a reduction in respect for woman, and their necessity in marriage, also, one may presume the same elements of that disastrous Bare Branches phenomena in the Far East, resulting in most of the uprisings in India and China, could well be simulated by the lack of duty to girlfriends, or potential wives, among the mostly male rioters.

British Riots, largely influences include those by media... coverage of issues, including disastrous endorsements of Arab Spring (Which won't in fact bring better quality of living if examples such as the Ending of Apartheid are any clues)

Recently SACNS Marc Aupiais reported:
Associated Press say tech savvy rioters who use bbm to co-ordinate, and avoid police, unsurprisingly avoided London resulting in quiet. They spread to other cities. is what we call vulnerable house rule.anyway. they just said quiet night. spread to oher cities.

British Youth Riots! Vatican Radio, following subsidiarity reporting, which I. Highly value! Says of London Riots:

The riots which surprising in their nature, form, timing: were hardly out of Character for Modern British Youth! Violence has normative mainstay in most British lives at that age. It is a norm. Not an exception to be affected by violence. The issue started after a peaceful protest. Rioters abused sentiments. London had huge policing over night- and like all criminals they switched to softer looter targets!

This! Vatican Radio in particular emphasizes, has been kindled for years.. Into Today!

London RIOTS, what are the Causes?

who else rates London Riots is due to Video Games. Role playing. Mtv. Rapper USA Culture. Union Riots recently on fees. UK not using rubber bullets. lack of laws protecting AGAINST immature youth. And global recession. and Arab Spring Uprisings being played along with how they were achieved. All giving people with bbm and able to teamwork from games. ability and resources and want to cause chaos and anarchy. to get free stuff. e.g. wii cotrollers. while making burning cars, murder seem cool. as usa media says. Not to mention separatist riots in NI. called wooing rituals by some media. simply put. its a game in a society where laws are not ruled by morals, and law enforcement and government have little authority,and no deep moral authority in the relativism they pursue.

EU Parliament was warned: Disaster awaited

Article I first wrote here, analyses Economic collapse in the west, based on demographic statistics and relational issues

~SACNS. South African Catholic News Service~ "Accuracy without harm!"~ News, events, apologetics and more specific to South African Catholics, and other news and events. ~edited by Marc Evan...

Demographics: low birthrates, high family breakdown -cause for concern in Public Order

What isn't being mentioned by those covering the global economic crises, and the revolutionary activities in Europe is why the social systems such as USA Social Security, so apparently viable, e.g. retirement funds, in the past, are now something so dangerous:

I personally attribute much of the modern crime issues to the Bare branches theories involving Indian and Chinese revolutions, as interestingly elaborated by the Washington Post of course some variation i.e. marriage is not encouraged anymore, nor responsibility to their possible wife and children.

And as Breastfed children develop fewer behavioral issues plenty of psychological studies also show children without care from a parent, eg children in group care at a creche' are much more likely to enter crime later in life, and to have less empathy (Never mind the constant barrage from television and in Britain the lack of laws protecting against violent youths, something other nations follow also). Further a massive amount of people in jail are hyperactive as per population, something I read in Lancet, can be linked to chemicals in food in much of the Western World.

Also Important is the fact that due to abortion, and contraceptives (which make fish half male half female down wind from sewerage plants, them or plastics: I wonder if this has anything to do with "homosexuality" and its increase) the global population is aging:
due to lower birthrates, a problem South Africa and the West is under together. KPMG's source of this is the governments themselves, I recommend the read!

And the political willpower to do away with increasingly unsustainable debt and programs reliant on debt is fading fast, as voters age do note that the bloomberg article is biased towards left wing ideology, tax raising on the rich will do next to nothing proportionally. What really needs cutting is USA medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security in General. And, for America's safe, needs also is: to stop attacking accountants such as Standard and Poor's, as Barack Obama instists on doing, for downgrading them from AAA to AA+ for the first time since the 19 teens. [c.f. ]

One of the biggest problems from this issue, which I reported in November 2009, is that the EU has already been hit by the Aging Population problem, exasperated byt Xenophobia over immigrants and their low skill levels, lack of the local culture, the European Parliament was warned of potential collapse in 2009 to start 2010:

Why does this apply to US debt: because people are having less and less children: can one descendant pay the debt of two parents?
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~SACNS. South African Catholic News Service~ "Accuracy without harm!"~ News, events, apologetics and more specific to South African Catholics, and other news and events. ~edited by Marc Evan...


This article was compiled from social postings and other comments by ~SACNS SW2SNews Editor Marc Aupiais

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden executed?

USA claims: No us soldiers, no civilians killed, Osama's 2 wives, 6 kids arrested. "Targeted operation". "Buried at sea". 3 males killed, one female. 24 navy seals sent in. Killed "after" a fire fight! - SkyNews UK based on USA reports. Note "after firefight".

Al Qaeda in Yemen admits death of Al Qaeda leader.

Splinter groups will be strengthened. No strategic value- Sky News.

US embassies on high alert. Death could set off splinter cells. Gradual deterioration of relations between usa and Pakistan. Body taken to Afghanistan before sea. Pakistan will see this as an affront on sovereignty. USA says Osama Bin Laden told to surrender before being shot. But said to be killed "after firefight".

Source on this update is SkyNews UK;

Osama Bin Laden killed

Bin Laden killed in USA military operation involving Apache helicopters attacking his upper class mansion in Pakistan just next to governmental military academy. AlJazeera is quoting USA official: women; children taken arrested, while men, Osama Bin Laden killed in "gun fight". CNN says USA likely thinks Pakistan knew Osama's location.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Someone somehow accessed our secret mailing address, to email to this, we have remedied the issue!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Faith investors turn on pharmaceuticals companies - Telegraph

Marc Aupiais

Christian Brothers is Catholic. They and other Christian investors want responsible, sustainable, moral, sound capitalism.

'Miracle' baby survives birth at 21 weeks - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Marc Aupiais

A child has survived being born at 21 weeks. Having insufficient organs, she was assisted through her belly button area to survive. Her twin brother died.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Note on Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

Note by Marc Aupiais

I've been praying for Selena Gomez for two years. Mostly disappointed prayer! Mostly hardship! Pain!

One thing I will note. She must really love Justin Bieber. She risks her life whenever she goes near him. She risks her career, she is bullied and hated 24/7.

She has also lost many potential fans. And the rumours of unchastity have upset many. I know I lost many followers before I deleted twitter: for supporting her.

I don't think the feeling is mutual. Justin Bieber has created a cult around himself for years and continues this cult.

All the harm she faces daily for him, is due to this. Due to his statements and how he conducts himself. Money first, anyone else much much later.

I wish Catholic Selena Gomez would return. But she needs my prayer and your prayers.

She needs us Christians. To teach her soul and spirit that man is not God, nor worth your life if they intentionally endanger it for monetary gain.

Pray for Selena Gomez! And then for whichever famous person you know. I think fame is a weapon the devil most commonly uses: on famous and unfamous alike!

Thoughts on Rebecca Black

Note by Marc Aupiais

With Rebecca Black emerging as the latest wealthy "village joker"... I got thinking about fame.

About how people we don't know, we mock, adore, obey...

How we put them and their views before friends... And forgive them what we'd never easily forgive a friend. And hate and love them.

Rebecca Black proves that fame isn't talent. As does Justin Bieber who shocks me in his fame. But most up and coming artists are hardly worth a second glance. As with presidents and politicians...

So who does that leave?

Rebecca Black may have brought twitter to her song- in how she sings thoughts as twitter tweets thoughts...

But shouldn't our real heroes be those who make us make good decisions even when they're mean in how they achieve it?

Shouldn't our real heroes be those who hold the faith and don't just claim to?

Shouldn't it be those who live and not those who die pointlessly in political and vendetta wars who are heroes. The peacemakers... The meek... The man who died on a cross was not a rock star. Just the opposite. Isaiah 53: Jesus was not attractive or charismatic. What drew people was truth.

As for Rebecca Black. She's thirteen years old. More than the cyber bullying: the life where people never leave highschool is her greatest cross to bear in life. Woe to the celebrity. You either obey the crowds or your intuitive self. So many choose the crowds.

What is worse? Convincing someone they are a God, and to close off to all criticism like a plague in the stomach? Or mocking them sometimes?

A culture of celebrity is a culture of death: that death is suffered first by the object- those sought to replace God!

Admire, love, pray for those you care for. View celebrities as people with human dignity not objects. And be cautious when mocking- perhaps first mock the society which creates these false gods of the culture of death: where the law of the jungle prevails over truth, meekness, kindness: mere Christianity! Sadly by the choice of many a guilty party~


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